2016 Goals and can we keep them


Every year we all make goals that we hope to keep and mostly let fall to the way side pretty early on in the year. We hope that by posting our goals for 2016 we will make a better effort to keep said goals, fingers crossed. So here goes, the two blondes Genealogy Happy Hour goals for the year:

Drink more wine and try a variety of new ones. Pretty sure we will keep that one with no problem.

Podcast at least once a month if not more. This too should be a no brainer.

Keep up with our personal blogs Branches and Limbs and Heirs and Ancestors. So far so good on that front, of course it is still January

Keep up with this blog!

Attend a genealogical conference or class. So far so good on that one as we are both registered for NGS in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in May. One of us is also planning on taking some classes so that should cover that one for sure.

Complete a lineage society application. This is the best way to really concentrate on one family line and get the proof you need to cover all the facts. Whether you actually apply or not just following the guidelines will help you be a better researcher.

And we can’t forget the usual get fit, lose weight, spend more time with family, travel etc…

Good luck to us all and happy researching!


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