It’s the story that counts

Here it is, March. Another month zipped by without a blog post. Although I must say I have pretty good about posting on my personal blog every week which was a goal of mine for the year. One out of two ain’t bad.

Our latest podcast on Locality Guides has been out for a little while and I hope you have learned something from listening and have found some useful information out there about where your ancestors lived. I always find it so interesting to learn about the town or county, the customs of the time and festivities in the city where my forefathers lived.

Were there special parades or town festivals? Did your family participate? Have you checked newspapers? You might find that Great Grandma Jones won for her peach pie at the county fair. Here is a clip from the Bridgeport History Center of a parade in 1920. Be sure and search through youtube videos, you never know what you might find.

There are lots of videos of town events out there you just have to search. Some are actual videos and some are a montage of photos and postcards but you may find a gold mine of information if your lucky.

Now I understand that those pieces of information are not going to get you farther back in your genealogy but they do shed light on what type of people your ancestors were during that time. Really the story is the highlight of our research. If we just have dates and facts what do we really know?

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