Ready for a research trip?

Summer is almost here and for most of us, it is the perfect time for a vacation and or travel. Why not include a little genealogy research while you are out and about? In our next lastest podcast, Amy and I will discuss how to plan and execute a research trip or in my case, how to find a family home in another country with little or no information at all.

On the left are my great grandparents, Paul and Marguerite Florentz and their two sons, Paul and Arthur and another family member. On the right, three generations, my mom, Marguerite and Paul’s granddaughter, me and my son. If you look closely, the lamp is still there in the background. Photos were taken in St. Marie Aux Mines, Alsace, France.


First, we chat a bit about our wine choice for the month which is a 2015 Gerard Bertrand Chardonnay Réserve Spéciale. We tried it at a wine tasting event and just loved it.

Gerard Bertrand chardonnay

We also discuss the lasted Nathan Dylan Goodwin novella, The Missing Man.  At last, we finally find out what happened to Morton Farrier’s father. Morton travels to Boston on his honeymoon (what an amazing new wife he has, eh?) and gets to spend most of it unraveling the family secrets to discover what happened to his father. We both loved it and cannot wait for the next adventure.

The Missing Man

Finally, we chat about preparing and executing a genealogy research trip. What you should do in terms of online research before you go? What kinds of things should you pack to take with you? Will you be visiting libraries, historical societies, courthouses, churches, and cemeteries? We will discuss what you need to do to prepare yourself for these visits to make it an effective trip. Write and tell us any tips you have learned as you have traveled the world to research your ancestors.

Join us for episode #23!

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