German Research



Here are a few takeaways from our podcast on German Reseach.

Do as much research at home before jetting off to Germany, I think that is a given but some of us are eager for a transatlantic vacay of sorts.

Know what town or region your ancestors were from. It is very difficult to research without that knowledge. Also, what religion were they? Lutheran? Catholic? Use Kevan M. Hansen’s Map Guide to German Parish Registers for research assistance.

Look in the census records some of which are available on Ancestry.

Online resources include and use Google translate unless you can read German which we cannot. Also, German Roots which is not in German.

Here are a few more blogs and websites that can help you learn more about research in Germany.

The German-American Genealogist

American Ancestors

Family Tree Magazine

Step by Step Guide for Americans of German Decent



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