The Genealogy Research Never Ends

In our recent podcast about genealogy research, Episode #58, we discussed what we have completed and what we want to work on in the next month or two. Amy completed her proof statement and went through the process of how that is laid out. What documents were used and what information in those documents was used to prove her theory. Penny has been working on processing her documents that are currently in photo form and putting them in digital files where they belong.

Genealogy books and videos you need

That brings us to a few items mentioned in the podcast that could be of use to you in your genealogical research. One is the book What Did They Mean By That? A Dictionary of Historical and Genealogical Terms, Old and New by Paul Drake, J.D. This book really comes in handy when you come across those crazy terms in documents. Do you have documents that are hard to read because of the handwriting? Of course you do, we all do. A few options here are Learning to Read Old Handwriting a video produced by BYU Family History Webinars and led by James Tanner and a book Reading Early American Handwriting by Kip Sperry.

Continued Genealogy Education

One last mention is a the FREE online at your own pace 6 week class at the University of Strathclyde Glasgow, Researching Your Family Tree, which began this week. We are not sure if you can still join in or maybe catch the next one. This is a great opportunity for beginner genealogists to learn the ins and outs of genealogy we talk about here on the podcast to get your research off to a great start. This class is about technique and how to use it in your research.

If it is too late for that one, try one of the many options listed here: learning center, UK National Archives, Family Search Learning Center

Listeners suggestions

Thanks to one of our listeners, Anne-Marie, for sending us links to some great NY sites for genealogy research. The first is, a free newspaper site and the second site is  It is the NY Public Library’s digital collection of NYC directories and they go back to the 1700’s. If you have any NY research, check them out.

Did you know?

Rootstech 2021 is now Rootstech Connect and will be all virtual and FREE! You can register for the awesome genealogy event HERE. Rootstech Connect is scheduled for February 25-27, 2021.

Want more conferences to attend virtually? How about the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree 2021? There are two events that are both virtual, Genetic Genealogy June 4-5 and the Jamboree June 11-12.

Ancestry has two apps! One is the Ancestry App that links to your online tree and the other is the Ancestry DNA app that links to your Ancestry DNA. There are some great updates coming to these apps now through November like the look and feel, ability to swipe, see tree matches and link matches to your tree. If you already have the apps but have not used them recently, give it a go.

That’s it for this month. Join us next month for a discussion of writing your family history.


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