Genealogy Education Opportunities #17 Episode 17 is up! Furthering Your Genealogical Education- All the places you can go to learn more about Genealogy. Stay in your jammies at your computer and take a class or travel the country and take a course. There are so many options and so much to learn! San Sebastian Chardonnay and Cabernet … Continue reading

You’re never to old (or young) to learn!

It's April and we are four months into the year 2016. What have you learned so far this year that has helped further your genealogical research? Anything? Nothing? It's not too late. Never too late. Our latest podcast, episode #17, is about genealogical education. All the places both online and at a facility that you … Continue reading You’re never to old (or young) to learn!


Exploring the perils, pitfalls, and payoffs of accurately documenting family history, two genealogists discuss how to properly document facts and analyze evidence used in family historical research. This is a wonderfully informative genealogy podcast for anyone new to or beginning genealogical research.  As a side note, we know  that a nice glass of wine will help … Continue reading Welcome!