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We are getting ready to hit the road to Connecticut and New Jersey for some boots on the ground research and this episode is all about the prep work that needs to be done before we head out.

Episode #42 Two Case Studies

Two very similar cases involving women and the mystery of who their parents really were.

Episode #41 Research Update

We continue our personal research and try to solve some mistakes, brick walls and add new information.

Episode #40 Using ZOTERO in your research

This episode is all about citations, it’s a love-hate relationship, and ways to help get them done quickly and easily. We interviewed Donna Cox Baker about her book Zotero for Genealogy and how the program Zotero has made her research and citations so much easier.

Episode #39 Photo Challenge

In this episode, we challenge you to find an old photograph not necessarily of your own family and do some research from that photo.

Amy found a couple of interesting photos in a shop she visited in Tallahassee, FL. One, in particular, leads her down a road with a very interesting story.


This is Addie Lewis Wadsworth, great name eh? This photo had some writing on the back that clued to finding out about her story.


Listen in to find out who Addie Lewis Wadsworth was and how she was related to her Aunt Jimmie.