Genealogy Happy Hour is a podcast that helps family historians get started on the right track and that means DOCUMENTATION. Sure, it’s fun to follow the shaky leaves and the smart matches but how do you know it’s really your ancestor? By following along with the Two Blondes you will be able to locate records and documents to prove your ancestral line.

Episode #90 Church Records Using church records to find your ancestors

Episode #89 The Story of Your Life Discussion on writing a personal life history.

Episode #88 Is She Really Your Grandmother? Discussion about best practices for documenting kinships in genealogical and family history research

Episode #87 Venturing Across the Pond part 2 Researching in Wales and Scandinavia

Episode #86 Venturing Across the Pond part 1 Researching records in Scotland and Germany

Episode #85 Here Comes the Bride Discussion on using marriage records in genealogical research

Episode #84 Scavenging Death Records Using death certificates in genealogical research.

Episode #83 Three Daniels Go To War Discussion on genealogical research in the military.

Episode #82 Using Unsourced Data to Locate Evidence Case study in using unsourced information to locate documented evidence in genealogical research.

Episode #81 Why Can’t I Find It? Discussion on keeping genealogical research and tools at your fingertips.

Episode #80 Family Stories Fact or Fiction Part 2 Second part of research into determining if Beulah Grace Baker’s father or grandparents were German immigrants.

Episode #79 Family Stories Fact or Fiction How do you know if the information you have been told about your family is true? Follow along with an actual case study to find the facts about a family ancestor. Part one of two.

Episode #78 Land Ho! Where can you look for land records and what can you find? Listen in and join us while we discuss these fantastic resources.

Episode #77 Who Bought the Farm? What can you find out when you start transcribing documents and where can it lead you? Thank you to our sponsor Newspapers.com. Visit HERE and use the discount code HappyHour to receive a discount for our listeners.

Episode #76 Newspapers Are More Than Just Obituaries There is nothing more exciting than finding the missing link in your family’s history in the newspaper! Thank you to our sponsor Newspapers.com. Visit HERE and use the discount code HappyHour to receive a discount for our listeners.

Episode #75 Using YDNA to Chip Away at a Brick Wall Discussion on how a YDNA match can trail backwards to meet up with a family tree. Thank you to our sponsor Newspapers.com. Visit HERE and use the discount code HappyHour to receive a discount for our listeners.

Episode #74 Overlooked Resources at Libraries and Archives Discussion on some incredibly special files you can find the library and archives that you might have overlooked.

Episode #73 Mind Mapping Discussion on using mind mapping methodology in genealogical research.

Episode #72 Indirect Evidence Discussion on using indirect evidence to solve a genealogical research problem.

Episode #71 Where Was John Discussion on use of school and institutional records to solve research problems.

Episode #70 Odds and Ends Discussion on various genealogical and family history research

Episode # 69 Ancestry DNA Discussion on using Ancestry DNA Matches to further genealogical research.

Episode #68 Which Man Was My Ancestor? A brief genealogical case study on ways to separate records for two individuals with the same name living in the same community.

Episode #67 A Genealogy Case Study Discussion on utilizing Daughters of the American Revolution online database in genealogical research.

Episode #66 Historical Societies Discussion on how to utilize historical societies in genealogical research

Episode #65 Doppelgängers A discussion on separating individuals with the same name and similar vital data in genealogical research.

Episode #64 Family Search Images A brief discussion on using FamilySearch.org images to locate genealogical records.

Episode #63 Brick Walls We are busting through some brick walls, and we will tell you how we did it. We are also sharing a GHH update for the coming year.

Episode #62 Author Chat We chat with author Nathan Dylan Goodwin about his recent book The Chester Creek Murders and what it was like to research and write a book based on DNA forensic genealogy.

Episode #61 US Census Digging Deeper. Looking into all that the census has to offer that you may have overlooked.

Episode #60 A Year in Review Discussion about accomplishment of 2020 genealogy New Year’s resolutions and ongoing genealogy projects.

Episode #59 – Annette Gendler on Writing Stories from Family History. Join us as we talk with Annette about how to write compelling stories about our history and that of our ancestors.

Episode #58 Work in Progress This month we continue our research and complete tasks we mentioned last month. We also mention some great opportunities in genealogical education and research. 

Episode # 57 Genealogical Work in Progress In this episode Amy and Penny discuss what they have been working on in their personal research, what is in progress and what they want to work on next.

Episode #56 Back to School A discussion on using school records in genealogical research with archivist Michelle Barker, author of the blog “A Genealogist in the Archives.”

Episode #55 Discussion with Diahan Southard author of “Your DNA Guide: the book.” How to successfully use DNA in genealogical research

Episode #54 Finding Female Ancestors Discussion on genealogical research techniques and strategies for identifying female ancestors. Interview with Lisa Lisson, author of the blog “Are You My Cousin.”

Episode #53 The Lost Family by Libby Copeland an interview with author Libby Copeland about her new book, The Lost Family, How DNA Testing Is Upending Who We Are.

Episode #52 Interview with Nathan Dylan Goodwin author of The Sterling Affair plus discussion on ordering documents from England and DNA Painter

Episode #51 Organizing and Digitizing your Family Archives. A discussion with author Margot Note.

Episode #50 Research Strategies – using new apps and research plans to discover what you need to know in your documents. Join us as we talk about how we have kept our new year resolutions and what we have been doing in our research.

Episode #49 Resolutions It’s the new year and new genealogy resolutions. Join us as we discuss ours and the ones you can make as well.

Episode #48 Gifts of Knowledge Discussion on continuing education opportunities for family historians and genealogists, plus a list of must-have reference books for a genealogy library.

Episode #47 Creating a Google Share Photo Group In the episode we talk about sharing our historical photos with other family members in a shared group setting. We also update you on Ancestry Health and Ancestry DNA.

Episode #46 New York City Join us as we discuss research in New York City. These tips can also help with researching in other cities that might be challenging.

Episode #45 Tips and Questions from our listeners

Episode #44 Road Trip Results In this episode we discuss our road trip research results. What we did and what we might have done differently.

Episode #43 Research Road Trip Prep We are getting ready to hit the road to Connecticut and New Jersey for some boots on the ground research and this episode is all about the prep work that needs to be done before we head out.

Episode #42 Two Case Studies Two very similar cases involving women and the mystery of who their parents really were. 

Episode #41 Research Update Two very similar cases involving women and the mystery of who their parents really were. 

Episode #40 Using Zotero for your research We interviewed Donna Cox Baker about her book Zotero for Genealogy and how it helps with research and citations.

Episode #39 Photo Challenge

Episode #38 Organization Your Genealogy with Janine Adams In our recent podcast, Episode #38, we had the pleasure of interviewing Janine Adams of Organize Your Family History website and blog.

#37 An Interview with author Nathan Dylan Goodwin, we discuss his new book, recent books, and books yet to come.

#36 Interview with Kenyatta D. Berry. In this episode, we discuss Kenyatta’s new book, The Family Tree Toolkit.

 #35 The Two Harrys We track down the answers to our genealogical questions using our research techniques.

#34 Military Research Discussion on using military records in genealogical research

#33 German Research Do you have ancestors in Germany? Listen in and learn how you can research your family history in Germany.

#32 Using Cluster Research Discussion on using cluster researcher to get beyond brick walls in genealogical research.

#31 Sibling Research – Learn how researching your direct ancestor’s siblings can lead you to the answers you’ve been searching for in your genealogical research. Of course, we talk about wine and in this episode, we have a book review on the latest genealogical mystery by Nathan Dylan Goodwin, The Wicked Trade.

#30 Post Research Trip –  Join us as we discuss how we processed all the documents and information we obtained on our recent research trip. Learn what to do with all the photos on your phone or camera, how to get information out of those endless probate records, and how to write up your finds.

#29 Our Research Trip Adventure – what we found and what we did not find

Join us as we go over what happened on our recent research trip. Learn some do’s and don’ts and how to’s when researching the county archives.

#28 Planning a Research Trip

What you need to know to get ready to head out to a repository and search for your ancestors. Pre-trip planning is key to a successful adventure.

#27 Delving Deeper into Birth Records

In the episode, we discuss our challenge for the year “Ask one question a week, or month” and then we dive deep into analyzing genealogical evidence and mining all data from birth records. Go beyond just date and place of birth!

#26 Newspaper Research

In this episode we look at what you can find when you search for your ancestors in the funny pages, I mean, newspapers. We talk about where you can find your ancestors’ newspapers and what you can find in them. Of course, there are obituaries, birth notices, and marriage notices but there are also social announcements, crimes, stories of interest and more.

#25 Organization

Amy and I welcome archivist Margot Note to the podcast to discuss what to do with all our documents. Margot’s newest book, Creating Family Archives, gives the family archivist directions on what to save and how to preserve it. Amy and I also talk about how we organize (or not) our documents.

Join us is learning about researching coast to coast. The different regions of the United States pose different challenges for researchers. We cover each region and a few individual states and go over what is available and where you can find it.
In this episode, Amy and I discuss planning and executing a successful genealogical research trip.
Strategies for overcoming brick walls in genealogical research. In this episode, we discuss all the places to hunt for genealogical treasure and how to use your research log and a few new tools to break down the brick walls in your family tree.
In this episode, Amy and I discuss immigration and ship records. We know our ancestors came here from other countries but how did they do it? What port did they arrive at and on what ship? Were they traveling with friends or family? Listen in and find out what you can learn from immigration records and how to find them.
Listen in on our discussions on privacy issues, ongoing research, and review of Nathan Dylan Goodwin’s latest novel, The Spyglass File.
What do you do with all the information you have collected and how to you pass it all onto future generations? You write it out in a form that is easy for others to process. It could be just the facts in easy to read paragraphs created by your computer program, it could be a short story with added embellishments or somewhere in between. Whatever your fancy, write it down! This podcast episode will give you lots of ideas on how to tell the story of your ancestors.
 What we learned at the National Genealogical Conference in Ft. Lauderdale FL May 2016

#17 Genealogy Education Opportunities Overview of numerous classes and educational opportunities in genealogy

Episode #16 Locality Guides Locality Guides- how to use them for your genealogy research. Where your ancestors lived can hold important clues about their lives. Learning where to research in these areas is important to you and your quest for documents.

Episode #15 Finding Female Ancestors

Episode 14 Tips and TrickHere are some of our favorite tips and tricks to finding documents and other artifacts and information on your ancestors. They are in no particular order but they do cover quite a bit of area from libraries to newspapers. You might find something you don’t know about yet and can use in your personal research.

Episode 13 Probate Records Happy is the family researcher who finds a length probate file.  Even a short, standard will can be critical to proving relationships within a family. Wills and probate cases can be a Eureka! the moment for family researchers.   These documents can hold the key to proving the names of spouses and children.  Careful analysis can also yield clues to how an ancestor lived, where he owned property or conducted business as well as clues to the names of extended family or in-laws. The Two Blondes discuss the components of probate cases and how family researchers may maximize the use of these records in their own genealogical journey.

Episode 12 Deed RecordsThere is nothing the Two Blondes like better than research at a local courthouse!   Deed records are vital to genealogical research but most records are not digitized or even microfilmed so they can only be accessed through onsite research. Deed records will give the description of property purchased and sold by our ancestors, but there can also be evidence to support kinships, socio-economic status, vital information and more in these often extensive records! This episode takes listeners through understanding how to use and analyze deed records.

Episode 11 Social Media

Episode 10 Locating and Using Military Pension Records

Episode 9 Case Study

Episode 9 Case Study

Episode 8 Proving Relationships

Episode 7 Naturalization Records

Episode 6 Lineage Societies and Pioneer Certificate Programs

Episode 5 Cemeteries

Episode 4 Using Census Records

Episode 3 Analyzing Documents and More Vital Records

Episode 2 Birth Records

Episode 1 Using Genealogical Forms