Telling Family Stories

Every family has stories…stories that should be told, handed down, and recorded for future generations. The stories may not be about fame or fortune but are most likely about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. Author and educator Annette Gendler’s book How to Write Compelling Stories from Family History is an excellent guide to inspire … Continue reading Telling Family Stories

What do Wales, Archives, and DNA have in common?

During this crazy year of distancing, we have learned to podcast from two different locations and so far so good. We are not experts at technology and do not have recording studios but we do ok and get the job done. We also discovered that we were drinking the same type of wine for this … Continue reading What do Wales, Archives, and DNA have in common?


In Episode #56 we take a closer look at school records and what you might find in them. Melissa Barker, otherwise known as The Archive Lady, joins us to discuss researching for our family in these records. When it comes to genealogical deep-diving, don’t overlook school records. For an ancestor who was born before birth … Continue reading USING SCHOOL RECORDS IN GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH

Your DNA Guide: the book by Diahan Southard

Okay, my DNA results are in and I have matches, now what? If you are asking this question, then Your DNA Guide: the book (Your DNA Guide; 2020), is for you! For years author Diahan Southard has been helping individuals explore what their DNA results can tell them about themselves and their family, and now … Continue reading Your DNA Guide: the book by Diahan Southard

Genealogy Gifts of Knowledge

It's December and that means Happy Holidays and that means gift-giving and why not ask for something you truly want...more genealogy knowledge! In our latest podcast, Episode #48, we talk about continuing our pursuit of knowledge in the genealogical field with new books for our shelves and educational opportunities either in person or online. There … Continue reading Genealogy Gifts of Knowledge