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Grace Curtiss

Here is a twist on getting the information you have on an ancestor out there and in print for others in your family to see. Most of us compile a report with our genealogy software, I use RootsMagic, and while we as family historians like all the details, most family members do not. Have you encountered eye-rolling when you bring up the genealogy subject? It happens. Not judging.

Well, as I like to scrapbook digitally, I made a few pages with basic information on some ancestors and included photos. These pages will give viewers facts and a good visual. Maybe it will prompt them to ask a few more questions or even help you in your research.

How do you share your information with your family? Inquiring minds want to know.

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7 thoughts on “Make it Visual

  1. May I ask how you go about digital scrapbooking? Do you use Photoshop or Elements and make or buy kits? Fascinating!

    1. Oh… neglect! Meant to say how gorgeous your results are and how compelling for our non-gen interested relatives. Thanks

      1. Thanks once more. I have heard of Artisan via FaceBook maybe. No, probably YouTube since I use it far more than FB. I am not as into being entertained as I am in learning stuff. Thus I need to limit FaceBook. Or maybe I heard if Artisan via the young Australian Melissa Shanhun perhaps who teaches Photoshop Elements? I get her newsletter.

        I have PS Elements but am terrified of it in terms of time-suck learning it. When I last tried, it seemed really awkward and or slow trying to organize photos. I never got as far as using the editor and creator parts. I get a Dixie cup full of energy a day at my age and health. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

        I do use the Project Life App but haven’t thought to scrap Genealogy/Family History. It lacks embellishments though. What is so stellar about your concept is your wonderful combo of history, photos, color, visual texture and the embellishments. It’s fabulous PLUS compelling as all get out!

        I am going to RootsTech 2018 for the first time ever. It’s been on my bucket list. Need to gear up walking, activity and health wise fast!! Been sick with glue and pneumonia since before Xmas.

        I swear – you’ve brought out at least three topics I’d love to read or hear more about from you and your genealogy partner: 1) Research Log systems 2) digital/physical filing systems 3) leaving legacy. Digital or physical family history creations given now to entice interest in genealogy and leave behind as Legacy may be imperative if we don’t want our my labors to go to the garbage when we die. Seems that we will need to leave hard copies behind. I have little time left for anything but digitally created enticements. But print them I must. My kids will not take time to troll through my computer files for artful or plain family history stuff.

        You have a special place in my heart now young lady. Deep thanks for helping this old gal sort out systems and priorities.

        Hugs, Simona MacAngus

        Plugging along in grace and learning slowly as I go, Simona

        p.s. Typed on a smartphone by a creaky arthritic. Sorry for uncaught errors


      2. Simona, you are going to have so much fun at Roots Tech! So many vendors and wonderful lectures. Don’t get over whelmed and give yourself permission to skip things and take a nap.
        I have tried photo shop too, but I find Artisan 5 to be much more user friendly for those of us that dont have time to really get involved in it and want to do it quickly. You can still do all the fun stuff if you want but it just seems easier. That is my two cents.
        Love the ideas you have for future podcasts and we will certainly look into those topics. Thank you for the suggestions!

      3. Thank you for the RootsTech trips! I am concerned and working on walking a little more each day. I am excited about the opportunity and feel super blest that I can attend. I did go to Artisan thru your link and am really giving it a deep think. Maybe they will be at RT with a special price. Otherwise I’ll use your link in hopes it may help you a teeny bit

      4. Hi Simona! That is so cool. I love all the different ways genealogists find each other. I am loving the bullet journal and love the bujo name. Obviously still learning here.

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