Photo Challenge

In episode #39, we challenge you to find an old photograph not necessarily of your own family and do some research from that photo.

Amy found a couple of interesting photos in a shop she visited in Tallahassee, FL. One, in particular, leads her down a road with a very interesting story.


This is Addie Lewis Wadsworth, great name eh? This photo had some writing on the back that clued to finding out about her story. This photo is sent to her Aunt Jimmie indicating a hope that they would see each other soon. Possibly Aunt Jimmie meeting little Addie for the first time. But who was Addie and why is her photo in a shop in Tallahassee, FL? That is the challenge and Amy jumped right in and started digging.


Listen in to find out who Addie Lewis Wadsworth was and how she was related to her Aunt Jimmie in our latest podcast, Photo Challenge.

We mention in this episode a few other articles regarding photos that were found and how they were traced back to their owners. They are both great reads and we hope you enjoy the stories and are inspired to do a little digging too.

Effie’s wedding: Lost photos mystery solved

The Myth of the 240-Year-Old Photograph

The Myth of the 240-Year-Old Photograph

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