Your DNA Guide: the book by Diahan Southard

Okay, my DNA results are in and I have matches, now what?

If you are asking this question, then Your DNA Guide: the book (Your DNA Guide; 2020), is for you! For years author Diahan Southard has been helping individuals explore what their DNA results can tell them about themselves and their family, and now she has put all her knowledge into her first book! She joined us in our podcast episode #55 to help explain the process.

Her book, Your DNA Guide: the book, is well organized in providing step-by-step
research plans to help get the most of your DNA results and online matches. Diahan makes this complex subject easy to understand and accessible to all readers covering the basics of DNA, the information needed to start a research project using DNA results, and which family members to test to get optimum data from which to work. The book is a
great reference to get answers to any DNA questions and must-have for anyone ready to utilize their DNA results to the fullest!

Just like we have talked about before, start with a question when doing your research, Diahan also says to begin with a DNA question. She suggests taking a broad question like “what are my roots?” and getting as specific as you can “how am I related to this mystery match?” or “who are my parents?” Once you have your question you can then determine the testing company that works best for your question, what people in your family should be tested, and what to do with the results to answer your original question. Join us and listen to our conversation even if you know a lot about DNA you might get something new out of episode 55 you didn’t know before.

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