Why Can’t I Find It?

How many times do you save something somewhere on your computer and then you can’t find it again later? In Episode #81 we discuss this very problem. We offer some suggestions on getting your genealogy files in order and cleaned up. You have spent a lot of time working on your genealogy and you want to make sure you have a smooth workflow and easy to retrieve files.

Filing Systems

There are many things that trip us up in our filing and not remembering where we put things can make us nuts! Creating a file system that works the way your brain works and sticking to it is key. There are a lot of websites and blogs out there talking about organizing your files. It is worth your time to check them out. You might already have a great system, but it could use some tweaking. You could find answers from a fellow family historian.

Webpage Bookmarks

Using bookmarks for your webpage saves is something we should all be doing on a regular basis. Use folders for genealogy bookmarks under a main heading instead of just adding them to the general list called GENEALOGY. Try folders of last names, geographical areas, research sites, etc. I have one for Newspapers and under that one is Sites, Ohio, West Virginia, and a few names that I might be currently researching. This will make it so much easier to find a website you have used in the past. I have other files under Genealogy for Welsh Sites, German Sites, Maps, Preston Research, and Burke Research. Think of all the topics you could include to help you save those genealogy websites.

Listen in to the podcast for some more ideas on filing and some great apps that you might not have heard of that can help you with all of this and your genealogy research too!


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