Across the Pond

a pirate ship sailing on sea during golden hour

A trip across the pond is just what we needed in this episode and even if it wasn’t in person, it was still fun. We did some genealogical research in Scotland and Germany and wanted to share some great websites and how to’s with you when researching these countries. In Scotland we used ScotlandsPeople and in Germany we used Archion, which you can find links to HERE.

Both places had phenomenal records with easy access and low costs per document. We did have to do our due diligence in our genealogical research in Scotland and Germany when following names which many were the same, over, and over. This is where those timelines come in handy.

We had a great tech tool in this episode too, AirTable. For those of you that love spread sheets, this one is a database and works much better for genealogy research. Give it a try.

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