2020 Here We Come


Ok, ok, we realize it’s almost the end of January and this is just now being written and posted. But hey, at least it’s completed. Like most genealogists out there we also have made a few new years resolutions. Amy plans to get rid of her piles of paperwork that are currently living in her home office and will implement the 30 X 30 challenge created by Janine Adams over at Organize Your Family History, she will watch one webinar a month for education, and add another DAR patriot. Penny plans to organize all her online photographs – labeled and put into named folders, take a more advanced class online, and work on the French Genealogy on her maternal grandmother’s side.

In our latest podcast episode, #49, we encourage everyone to try something new in their genealogy research. Join a group, listen in or participate in a genealogy chat, or start over. There is a huge genealogy community out there and the amount of genealogy-related blogs is truly overwhelming but worth the time looking and finding new people to follow. Everyone has something to share and we can all learn a new tip to help us with our research. Here are a few we mentioned on the podcast and a few others that we like as well.

If there is a blog or youtube account that you love and want to share, please let us know in the comments below.

30 X 30 Challenge (mentioned above) at Organize Your Family History by Janine Adams

Genchat – a twitter-based genealogy chat led by Liam Hobbes (@leprchaunrabbit) and Christine McCloud (@geneapleau)

Dear Myrtle Genealogy Blog led by Pat Richley-Erickson and hosting two Zoom based chat sessions

Genealogy Do-Over by Thomas MacEntee

On  Youtube, you can find videos by Ancestry, Family SearchFamily History Fanatics, Genealogy TV, Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems, Ancestral Findings, and so many more. Just put genealogy in the search bar and see what you can find.



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