Telling Family Stories

Every family has stories…stories that should be told, handed down, and recorded for future generations. The stories may not be about fame or fortune but are most likely about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people.

Author and educator Annette Gendler’s book How to Write Compelling Stories from Family History is an excellent guide to inspire all family historians to record their family’s stories. Annette’s book guides the family researcher in using genealogical research, heirlooms, and family anecdotes to create rich memoirs of their family and ancestors. You don’t even have to be a genealogist to be inspired this book – it is for anyone who wants to tell a true story or write a memoir.

Check out our recent podcast #59 where we talk with Annette about writing these memories and stories.


How did Amy’s father Phillip and twin sister Phyllis age two years old end up pictured on the cover of the February 1939 St. Louis Globe-Democrat Sunday Gravure Pictorial even though they never lived in Missouri? That family story is really about their father’s skill as an amateur photographer.

Penny has lived most of her life on the east coast and a few years in the midwest but was born in California. This story is about moving and living in ten states throughout her life.

For more information and tips about writing your family’s stories, check out Annette Gendler’s blog and website.


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